Puppy pictures

This litter Born June 28th

The whole pile

the boys

first three girls

other 2 girls


Pictures from the last litter:

these two were at about 7 months old a girl and a boy

Another pup at 10 months with "her girl"

two pups showing the different coat types that can occur

Sadie (mom)

 Some videos of Skippy (dad) playing with the last litter @ 6weeks old. https://youtu.be/S3zOV06Qs_8 https://youtu.be/Dzx33UajDN8

 And Sadie with this litter at about 4 weeks old https://youtu.be/3fo-LAMnmHg https://youtu.be/W6cCl98k1LY

mom on top and dad beside the bale.